Signal Processing & Artificial-intelligence Laboratory

Research Topics

1. Advanced signal processing and machine learning

  • Active learning, noisy labeling, data imbalance problem

  • Inverse problem, Super resolution algorithms

  • Automatic compression of deep learning models

  • Lidar/Camera signal processing

  • Signal processing and machine learning for 5G/6G communications

2. Machine learning for intelligent vehicles and mobile robots

  • Sensor fusion, 3D object detection

  • Trajectory and behavior prediction of dynamic agents

  • Spatio-temporal object detection, 3D object tracking

  • Pedestrian pose estimation and prediction

  • Deep metric learning, Representation learning

  • Decision making for autonomous vehicles and mobile robots

  • Camera-Lidar sensor fusion 3D-CVF (trained not to detect truck or van) (ECCV 2020)

KITTI 3D object detection leaderboard (ranked 4th as of March 2020)

  • 3D object detection and tracking (trained not to detect truck or van)

  • Vehicle trajectory prediction (IV2008)

  • Vedeo object detection (submitted to ICRA 2021)

  • Lane-aware trajectory prediction (LaPred)