Signal Processing & Artificial-intelligence Laboratory

Research Topics

1. Advanced signal processing and machine learning

  • Signal processing for mmWave communications and massive machine type communications (MMTC)
  • Predicted beam control and management via machine learning in mmWave communications
  • Learning-based image reconstruction algorithms for portable ultrasound computer tomography (USCT)
  • Learning-based diagnosis systems for wireless network
  • Enhanced object detection using spatial and temporal context
  • Sequence prediction and analysis for video data

2. Machine learning for intelligent vehicle

  • Sensor fusion-based object detection and tracking
  • Sequence and trajectory analysis of surrounding vehicles for safe driving
  • Radar/Lidar signal processing and Lidar-based perception
  • Deep learning-based analysis of driving proficiency level and style
  • Vehicle control and planning via reinforcement learning
  • Energy-efficient deep learning architecture